Enchanted Garden Pixies
Somewhere In Time
1 Day Lima Feb 2019 Crop Fee
12 " Father Christmas chipboard
12" Black Tie Affair Combo Stickers (69 stickers)
12" Black Tie Affair Diamonds double-sided paper
12" Black Tie Affair Formal double-sided paper
12" Black Tie Affair Glamour double-sided paper
12" Black Tie Affair Midnight double-sided paper
12" Black Tie double-sided paper
12" Cottontail Collection Pack
12" Cottontail Combo Stickers (52 stickers)
12" Cottontail double-sided paper
12" Cottontail Easter Eggs double-sided paper
12" Cottontail Flowers double-sided paper
12" Cottontail Fun double-sided paper
12" Cottontail Happy double-sided paper
12" Cottontail Joy double-sided paper
1801 Botkins Trojans 12x12 Custom Paper
1801 Tippecanoe 12x12 Custom Paper
2 Day Lima Feb 2019 crop fees
3 Days Lima Feb 2019 crop fees "SOLD OUT"
4 Days Lima Feb 2019 crop fees "SOLD OUT"
4in Small Doilies
4MM Glue Tape Refill
5 Things Pocket Page
6.5in Medium Doilies
6MM Glue Tape Refill
8.4MM Glue Tape Refill
8.5in Large Doilies
901 Allen East 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Anna Rockets 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Bath 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Bellefontaine 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Benjamin Logan 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Bluffton 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Botkins Trojans 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Elida Dawgs 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Fairlawn Jets 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Houston Wildcats 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Indian Lake Lakers 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Jackson Center 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Lehman 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Lima Spartans 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Marysville Monarchs Custom Paper 12x12
901 Minster Wildcats 12x12 Custom Paper
901 New Bremen 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Ohio Hi-Point 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Piqua Indians 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Riverside Pirates 12x12 Cuatom Paper
901 Russia Raiders 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Saint Marys 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Shawnee Indians 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Sidney 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Spencerville Bearcats 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Tippecanoe 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Troy Trojans 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Upper Valley 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Vandalia-Butler Aviators Custom Paper 12x12
901 Versailles Tigers 12x12 Custom Paper
901 Wapakoneta Redskins (Auglaize County, Ohio)
901 Waynesfield-Goshen 12x12 Custom Paper
901y Saint Marys 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Allen East 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Anna Rockets 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Bath 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Bellefontaine 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Benjamin Logan 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Bluffton 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Botkins Trojans 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Elida Dawgs 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Fairlawn Jets 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Fort Loramie 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Houston Wildcats 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Indian Lake Lakers 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Lehman 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Lima Spartans 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Marysville Monarchs Custom Paper 12x12
903 New Bremen 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Piqua Indians 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Riverside Pirates 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Russia Raiders 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Saint Marys 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Shawnee Indians 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Sidney 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Spencerville Bearcats 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Tippencanoe 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Troy Trojans 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Vandalia-Butler Aviators Custom Paper 12x12
903 Versailles Tigers 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Wapakoneta Redskins 12x12 Custom Paper
903 Waynesfield-Goshen 12x12 Custom Paper
903b Saint Marys 1x12 Custom Paper
908 Anna Rockets 12x12 Custom Paper
908 Apollo 12x12 Custom Paper
908 Versailles Tigers 12x12 Custom Paper
908 Wapakoneta Redskins 12x12 Custom Paper
913 Anna Rockets 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Botkins Trojans 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Houston Wildcats 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Jackson Center 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Lehman 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Marysville Monarchs Custom Paper 12x12
921 Piqua Indians 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Saint Marys 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Sidney 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Troy Christian 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Troy Trojans 12x12 Custom Paper
921 Vandalia-Butler Custom Paper 12x12
921 Wapakoneta Redskins 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Allen East 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Apollo 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Bath 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Bellefontaine 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Benjamin Logan 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Bluffton 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Elida Dawgs 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Fairlawn Jets 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Fort Loramie 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Indian Lake Lakers 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Lima Spartans 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Maysville Monarchs Custom Paper 12x12
927 New Bremen 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Ohio Hi-Point 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Piqua Indians 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Riverside Pirates 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Russia Raiders 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Saint Marys 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Shawnee Indians 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Sidney 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Spencerville Bearcats 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Troy Christian 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Troy Triojans 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Upper Valley 12x12 Custom Paper
927 Vandalia-Butler Custom Paper 12x12
927 Waynesfield-Goshen Tigers 12x12 Custom Paper
927bJackson Center 12x12 Custom Paper
927o Jackson Center 12x12 Custom Paper
998 Troy Christian 12x12 Custom Paper
A Rockets - Sports Letter Chubby
Adhesive Squares
Adhesive Squares Extremetac 1000ct. Roll
Adhesive Squares ExtremeTac 300ct. roll
Adhesive Squares Permatac 1000ct. roll
Adhesive- ribbon
Adhesive-3D dots
Adhesive-5x5 sheets
Adhesive-extremely permanent
Adhesive-glue rings
Adhesive-mini squares
Adhesive-vellum adhesive
Alcohol Blending Solution
All Night Media Pop Dots
Allen East Mustangs (Allen County, Ohio)
Almond Dot
Ambrosia 6x6 Paper Pad
Ambrosia Brads
Ambrosia Buttons
Ambrosia Clear Stamps
Ambrosia Combo Stickers
Ambrosia Trinkets
Anna Rockets (Shelby County, Ohio)
Anna Rockets - Duo 2-Line
Anna Rockets Kits and Bits
Anna Rockets Laser Cut Pack
Anna Rockets Paper Pack
Anna Rockets School Spirit Gift Set
Apache Indian Head - dark red
Apollo Career Center (Allen County, Ohio)
B Trojans - Sports Letter Chubby
Baby Blue
Banana Bliss 12x12 Smoothies Cardstock
Barn Door
Barnwood & Doilies/Grey Dot
Basketball - 5 inch - 2 pc
Basketball 1.75 in. x 6.5 in. Black
Basketball Frame 5.5 in. x 6 in.
Basketball Star - 2.5 in. x 5.75 in. Black
Bath Wildcats (Allen Couny, Ohio)
Bazzill Blossoms 2.5in. - Beeswax (10 count)
Bazzill Blossoms 2.5in. - Vanilla (10 count)
Bazzill White 12x12 Canvas Cardstock
Bee Trio
Bella Boutique School Days
Bella-Paper Doll Collection
Bellefontaine Chiefs (Logan County, Ohio)
Benjamin Logan Raiders (Logan County, Ohio)
Black Soot
Black Tie Affair (March 2018)
Black Tie Affair Layered Chipboard
Black Tie Affair Sophistication double-sided paper
Black Tie Collection Pack
Blitzen Brads
Blitzen Buttons
Blitzen Card Kit
Blitzen Collection Pack
Blitzen Combo stickers
Blitzen Dimensional stickers
Blitzen Jewels
Blitzen Layered Chipboard stickers
Blitzen Rub-ons
Blitzen Trinkets
Blossoms Blush Lace
blossoms Buttercup Lace
Blossoms Clover Lace
Blossoms Natural Earth Lace
Blue Hues Brads
Bluffton Pirates (Allen County, Ohio)
Blush Bouquet
Blush Daisy
Blush Zinnia
Bo Bunny
Botkins Trojans (Shelby County, Ohio)
Botkins Trojans - Duo 2-Line
Botkins Trojans Kits and Bits
Botkins Trojans Laser Cut Pack
Botkins Trojans Paper Pack
Botkins Trojans School Spirit Gift Set
brad - small magnet daddies
Brad - topper template
Brad- medium brad daddies
Bradford (Miami County, Ohio)
Brads - large badge daddies
Brads - large head set
Brads - small brad daddies
Bubble Caps / Clear Flowers 25
Bubble Caps / Clear Hearts 14
Bubble Caps / Clear Hearts 25
Bubble Caps / Clear Oval 25
Bubble Caps / Clear Pennant 25
Bubble Caps / Clear Round 14
Bubble Caps / Clear Round 25
Bubble Caps / Clear Scallop Circle 25
Bubble Caps / Clear Square 25
Bubble Caps / Clear Star 25
Bundled Sage
Burlap Covered Chipboard Album
Buttercup Dahlia
Buttercup Zinnia
By Manufacturer
C'est la Vie Binder
C'est la Vie Contents
C'est la Vie Dividers
C'est la Vie
C'est la Vie 12x12 Chipboard
C'est la Vie Brads
C'est la Vie Buttons
C'est la Vie Collection Pack
C'est la Vie Dimensional Stickers
C'est la Vie Jewels
C'est la Vie Layered Chipboard
C'est la Vie Mini Album
C'est la Vie Noteworthy
C'est la Vie Petals
C'est la Vie Rubons
C'est la Vie Trinkets
Cardstock Die Cuts
Cardstock Stickers Fresh Verse
Cavalier Head - Navy
Cavaliers Sports Tail
CC International
Cgull Bone Folder & Scraper Kit
CGull Pink 3 Peice Spatula Tool Kit
CGull Premium Paper Craft Scissors
Charm Settings / Round 25
Charm Settings / Silver round 14
Charm Settings / Square 25
Chevron Wool/Frosty Forest
Chocolate Jewels
Christmas Home 6X6 Album Covers
Christmas Ads
Christmas Calendar
Christmas Chandelier
Christmas Damask
Christmas Decor
Christmas Home
Christmas Home Brads
Christmas Home Chipboard Elements
Christmas Home clear stamps
Christmas Home Collection Pack
Christmas Home Designer paper pad
Christmas Home Die-Cuts
Christmas Home Red Glitter Paper
Christmas Home Rhinestones
christmas Home sticker sheet
Christmas Home Trims
Christmas Labels
Christmas Notes
Christmas Snowflakes
Christmas Words
Classic Editions Collection Antique Truck Pre-Cut Stamp Set
Classic Editions Collection Days Gone By Pre-Cut Stamp Set
Classic Editions Die
Classic Editions Pumpkin Harvest Pre-Cut Stamp Set
Classic Vintage 1
Clover Dahlia
Coffee Shop
Comfort & Joy cardstock stickers
Coordinating Products
Cotton Candy
Cottontail (March 2018)
Cottontail Layered Chipboard (6 pieces)
Country Diva Cardstock Sticker
Covington (Miami County, Ohio)
Cozy Cable Knit/Cozy Quilt
Cricut Cutting Mat (2/pack)
Cricut Light Grip Adhesive Cutting Mat
Cricut Replacements Blades (2/Pack)
Cricut Standard Grip adhesive cutting mat
Crop & Glue 3D Combo Pack
Crop and Glue Vellum Instant Adhesives
Custom SCHOOL papers
Cutter Bee Scissors
Cutterpede Cutting Mats (2/Pack)
Cutterpede Rotary Blade Shuttle (Straight Cut Blade)
Cutting mat
DDI - Loopy Love - Icons Stickers
DDs - Sticker - Autumn
DDs - Sticker - Boo
DDs - Sticker - Happy Halloween
Deja - Wonderful Words 1Ed - Baby
Deja - Wonderful Words 1Ed - Friendship
Denim Blue Bouquet
Denim Blue Daisy
Denim Blue Pansy
Denim Blue Zinnia
Detour Brads
Detour Buttons
Detour Chipboard stickers
Detour Collection Pack
Detour Dimensional stickers
Detour Jewels
Detour Layered Chipboard stickers
Detour Rub-ons
Detour Trinkets
Diminsional Stickers4
Distress Ink
Double Dot
Double Dot
Elida Dawgs (Allen County,Ohio)
Embossing Ink
Emerald Jewels
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden Buttons
Enchanted Garden Class Kit
Enchanted Garden Imagine
Enchanted Garden Layered Chipboard
Enchanted Garden Magic
Enchanted Garden Moonlight
Enchanted Garden Noteworthy
Enchanted Garden Pathway
Et Cetera
Et Cetera Brads
Et Cetera Chipboard stickers
Et Cetera Collection Pack
Et Cetera Combo stickers
Et Cetera Cut Outs
Et Cetera Die-cut
Et Cetera Dimensional stickers
Et Cetera Jewels
Et Cetera Layered Chipboard stickers
Et Cetera Odds & Ends
Et Cetera Petals
Et Cetera Rub-ons
Et Cetera Stamped
Et Cetera Symphony
Et Cetera Watermark
Et Cetera Wraps
Extravagance 1
Extravagance 2
F Jets - Sports Letter Chubby
Fabulous Vacation
Fairlawn Jets
Fairlawn Jets (Shelby County, Ohio)
Fairlawn Jets - Duo 2-Line
Fairlawn Jets Laser Cut Pack
Fairlawn Jets School Spirit Gift Set
Fall Splendor
Family Is
Family Is 12x12 Chipboard
Family is Binder
Family Is Brads
Family Is Buttons
Family Is Collection Pack
Family is Contents
Family is Crazy Cardstock Sticker
Family Is Dimensional Stickers
Family is Dividers
Family Is Jewels
Family Is Layered Chipboard
Family Is Noteworthy
Family is Nutz Cardstock Sticker
Family Is Stamps
Family Is Trinkets
Fancy Flurry/Fancy Frame
Father Christmas
Father Christmas
Father Christmas
Father Christmas 6 x 6 pad
Father Christmas Berries
Father Christmas Brads
Father Christmas buttons
Father Christmas Celebrate
Father Christmas Collection Pack
Father Christmas combo stickers
Father Christmas cut-outs
Father Christmas Die-cut
Father Christmas dimensional stickers
Father Christmas Holly
Father Christmas jewels
Father Christmas Jingle Bells
Father Christmas layered chipboard stickers
Father Christmas Merry & Bright
Father Christmas Noteworthy
Father Christmas Pointsettia
Father Christmas Rub-ons
Father Christmas Sleigh
Father Christmas Stamps
Father Christmas Stripe
Father Christmas Trinkets
February 2010 Page Kit
Feelin' Frosty Cardstock stickers
Fiskers Personal Trimmer Refill Blade Carriages (Twin Pack)
FL Redskins - Sports Letter Double Chubby
Flower Soft
Flower Soft - burnt sienna
Flower Soft - citrus crush
Flower Soft - earth
Flower Soft - garden taglets
Flower Soft - Gold
Flower Soft - koala grey
Flower Soft - ocean
Flower Soft - pine
Flower Soft - raspberry fizz
Flower Soft - sage
Flower Soft - sand
Flower Soft - silver
Flower Soft - strawberry
Flower Soft - toffee
Flower Soft Marigold
Flower Soft Meadow
Flower Soft Pastel Colour Selction Box
Flower Soft Peony Pink
Flower Soft Rainbow Colour Selection Box
Flower Soft- neon green
Flower Soft- neon orange
Flower Soft- neon pink
Flower Soft- neon yellow
Flower Soft-card topper
Flower Soft-fireworks
Flower Soft-neon signs
Flower Soft-spring
Flowersoft - Autumn
Flowersoft - Black
Flowersoft - Christmas Green
Flowersoft - Nut Brown
Flowersoft - Polar White
Flowersoft - Russett Red
Flowersoft - Vintage Christmas
Flowersoft Floral Bouquet Colour Selections
Flowersoft Glue
Flowersoft Pretty Pots Starter Kit
Flowersoft Wires
Flurry Dot Multi/Flannel Pinstripe
Flurry Dot Tonal
Forever Fall
Forever Fall Brads
Forever Fall Buttons
Forever Fall Chipboard
Forever Fall Collection Pack
Forever Fall combo stickers
Forever Fall Cut Outs
Forever Fall dimensional stickers
Forever Fall Jewels
Forever Fall layered chipboard
Forever Fall Rub-ons
Forever Fall Trinkets
Fort Loramie Paper Pack
Fort Loramie Redskins
Fort Loramie Redskins (Shelby County, Ohio)
Fort Loramie Redskins School Spirit Gift Set
Friendship Cardstock stickers
Friut Punch
Fully Purple
Garden Girl
Garden Girl Brads
Garden Girl Buttons
Garden Girl Collection Pack
Garden Girl Die-Cut
Garden Girl dimensional stickers
Garden Girl Jewels
Garden Girl layered chipboard stickers
Garden Girl Rub-ons
Garden Girl Trinkets
Glaze Jewels
Glimmer Mist 1oz bottles
Glue Arts
Glue Glider Pro Multi-Directional PermaTac 3 Pack Refill
Glue Glider Pro multi-directional PermaTac 3 Pack Refill
Glue Glider Pro Plus
Glue Stick
Glue Tape 4MM
Glue Tape 610 series
Glue Tape 610 series Refill
Glue Tape 6MM
Glue Tape 8.4MM
Golden Rod
Good "Dog" or "Kitty"
Good fortune cardstock stickers
Grad Caps Purple/YellowGold Custom Paper 12x12
Graphic Calendar Dividers
Graphic Note Paper
Graphic Weekly Contents
Grasshopper Criss Cross 12x12 Bazzill cardstock
Gratitude Cardstock stickers
H Wildcats - Sports Letter Chubby
Happiness Cardstock Sticker
Happy Winter Cardstock stickers
Harvest Orange Pansy
Heartfelt Creations
Heartfelt Creations Classic Editions Collection
Holy Angels
Holy Angels School Spirit Gift Set
Home Again Cardstock Sticker
Home Grown cardstock stickers
Home Sweet Home Cardstock stickers
Houston Wildcats (Shelby County, Ohio)
Houston Wildcats
Houston Wildcats - Duo 2-Line
Houston Wildcats Laser Cut Pack
Houston Wildcats Paper Pack
Houston Wildcats School Spirit Gift Set
i-top Custom Brad Maker from Imaginisce
i-top Large Topper Punch
i-top Small Topper Punch
In-store 3 day Crop (includes meals)
In-store Fri crop 10am -Midnight (includes meals)
In-store Sat Crop 10am-Midnight (includes meals)
In-store Sun Crop 10am-6pm (includes meal)
Indian Lake Lakers (Logan County, Ohio)
Ingvid Bolme
Inspiration cardstock stickers
Isabella 12x12 Chipboard
Isabella 6x6 Paper Pad
Isabella Becoming
Isabella Brads
Isabella Buttons
Isabella Carissima
Isabella Combo Sticker
Isabella Delicate
Isabella Dimensional Stickers
Isabella Divine
Isabella Eloquent
Isabella Felicity
Isabella Gossamer
Isabella Jewels
Isabella Layered Chipboard
Isabella Noteworthy
Isabella Opulent
Isabella Petals
Isabella Rose
Isabella Savvy
Isabella Scripted Cardstock Sticker
Isabella Style
Isabella Trinkets
Jackson Center Paper Pack
Jackson Center School Spirit Gift Set
Jackson Center Tigers
Jackson Center Tigers (Shelby County, Ohio)
Jackson Center Tigers - Sports Duo Overlap
Jackson Center Tigers Duo 2-Line
Jackson Center Tigers Laser Cut Pack
January 2010 Page Kit
JC Tigers Sports Letter - Double Chubby
Jet - Royal Blue
Jewel Flourishes
Just Be You Cardstock stickers
Key Lime Pie
ki - Christmas Fresh Accents Cardstock Stickers
Kisses 12x12 Bazzill Cardstock
Knight Head - Black Silver
Knotted Wood
Kraft Binder
L Cavaliers - Sports Letter Chubby
L Cavaliers - Sports Letter Varsity
Laser Cuts
Layered Chipboard stickers
LDD - Embellished Border Stkrs - Childhood
LDD - Embellished Border Stkrs - Home
LDD - Embellished Border Stkrs - Love
LDD - Embellished Border Stkrs - Ribbon Belt
LDD - Embellished Stkrs - Childhood
LDD - Embellished Stkrs - Home
LDD - Embellished Stkrs - Le Soleil
LDD - Embellished Stkrs - Romance
LDD - Embellished Stkrs - Silk Flowers
LDD - Embellished Stkrs - Travel
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: 4th of July
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: Back to School
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: Beach
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: Halloween
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: Spring
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: Time
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: Travel
LDD - Tag-A-Peels: Zoo
Le Jardin
Le Jardin Bloom
Le Jardin Chipboard Title
Le Jardin Die-Cut - Glitter
Le Jardin Die-Cut- Stich
Le Jardin Felt Embellishment
Le Jardin Felt Mat
Le Jardin Florals
Le Jardin Floret
Le Jardin Flourish
Le Jardin Flyaways
Le Jardin Grove
Le Jardin Hothouse
Le Jardin Trimmings
Le Jardin twinkles self adhesive embellishments
Lehman C - Sports Letter Chubby
Lehman Catholic Cavaliers (Shelby County, Ohio)
Lehman Cavaliers
Lehman Cavaliers Duo 2-Line
Lehman Cavaliers Laser Cut Pack
Lehman Cavaliers Paper Pack
Lehman Cavaliers School Spirit Gift Set
Lehman Cavaliers Sports Duo Overlap
Lehman Cavaliers Sports Letter - Double Chubby
Lehman Cavs Sports Tail
Lemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand Buttons
Lemonade Stand Carnival
Lemonade Stand Chill Out
Lemonade Stand Class KIt
Lemonade Stand Cream Pop
Lemonade Stand Daydream
Lemonade Stand Layered Chipboard
Lemonade Stand Noteworthy
Lemonade Stand Sidewalk
Lemonade Stand Staycation
Licorice Dot
Licorice Jewels
Lima Spartans (Allen County, Ohio)
Lime Green
Little Yellow Bicycle
Live, Love, Laugh Cardstock stickers
Love You Mom Cardstock Sticker
M Wildcats - Sports Letter Chubby
Makin' the Grade
Makin' the Grade 5 Things Pocket
Makin' the Grade 6x6 Paper Pad
Makin' the Grade Alpha Block/Red Stripe
Makin' the Grade Bookshelf/Blue Solid
Makin' the Grade Brown Bag/Kraft Mod Dot.
Makin' the Grade Canvas Stickers
Makin' the Grade Chalkboard Doodles/Grey Test
Makin' the Grade Chipboard Shapes with Foil Accents
Makin' the Grade Clear Cuts Shapes
Makin' the Grade Cork Board/Brown Solid
Makin' the Grade Cork Stickers
Makin' the Grade Cut Here/Yellow Stripe
Makin' the Grade Decorative Edge Cardstock
Makin' the Grade Dimensional stickers
Makin' the Grade Dotted Chevron/Red Alpha
Makin' the Grade Fabric Favorites stickers
Makin' the Grade Favorite Pieces Cardstock Stickers
Makin' the Grade Fresh Verse Cardstock Stickers
Makin' the Grade Lockers/Grey Text
Makin' the Grade Multi Fun Dot/Green Stripe
Makin' the Grade New Notebook/Blue Fun Dot
Makin' the Grade Paper Crafting Kit
Makin' the Grade Pennants/Blue Solid
Makin' the Grade School Bands/Brown Stripe
Makin' the Grade Stick Pins
Makin' the Grade Tear Out Ticket & Journaling Card Book
Mama-razzi2 12x12 Chipboard
Mama-razzi2 Balance Paper
Mama-razzi2 Brads
Mama-razzi2 Buttons
Mama-razzi2 Combo Sticker
Mama-razzi2 Contrast
Mama-razzi2 Darkroom
Mama-razzi2 Dimensional Stickers
Mama-razzi2 Focus
Mama-razzi2 Jewels
Mama-razzi2 Layered Chipboard
Mama-razzi2 Mini Album
Mama-razzi2 Noteworthy
Mama-razzi2 Oh Snap
Mama-razzi2 Paper
Mama-razzi2 Photo Booth
Mama-razzi2 Rubons
Mama-razzi2 Shutterbug
Mama-razzi2 Stamps
Mama-razzi2 Strike a Pose
Mama-razzi2 Trinkets
Mama-razzi2 Tripod
Mama-razzi2 Viewfinder
Marysville Monarchs (Union County, Ohio)
Mel's Diner
Memory Book Glue Dots
Metal Settings / Round 14
Miami East (Miami County, Ohio)
Micro Pop Dots
Midnight blue
Mini Glue Dots
Mini Glue Dots (3/16in. - 252 on 21 sheets)
Mini Pop Dots
Minster Wildcats
Minster Wildcats (Auglaize County, Ohio)
Minster Wildcats - Sports Duo 2-Line
Minster Wildcats - Sports Duo Overlap
Minster Wildcats Laser Cut Pack
Minster Wildcats Paper Pack
Minster Wildcats School Spirit Gift Set
Misc Me
Mistic Green
Mixed Media Kit
My Guy Collection Pre-Cut Stamp Set
My Mother My Friend Cardstock Stickers
Natural Earth Zinnia
Navy 12x12 Classic Bazzill Cardstock
New Breman Cardinals (Auglaize County, Ohio)
New Caribbean Dot
New Lavender Dot
Nice Serve - 2 in. x 6.75 in. Yellow
Ohio Hi-Point (Logan County, Ohio)
Old English Garden Collection Tattered Collage Pre-Cut Stamp Set
Old Paper
On The Go
On The Go Collection Pack
On The Go Dimensional stickers
On The Go Layered Chipboard stickers
Once Upon a Christmas
Ornamental Light Frosty Blanket Collection
Ornamental Light Yuletide Sentiments Pre-Cut Stamp Set
Pacific 12x12 Burlap Bazzill Cardstock
Page Kits and Bits
Page Protector 3x4/4x6in
Page Protector 3x4in
Page Protector 4x6in
Page Protector 6x8in
Paper Blossoms - geranium leaf
Paper Blossoms - mini petals
Paper Blossoms - molding mat
Paper Blossoms-tool kit
Paper Boy -Border Stickers
Paper Boy -Chipboard Accents
Paper Boy -Felt Icons
Paper Boy -Ribbons
Paper Boy Cards and Envelopes
Paper Boy Collection
Paper Boy Papers-4x4
Paper Boy Papers-Clockwork
Paper Boy Papers-Collage
Paper Boy Papers-Die-Cut
Paper Boy Papers-Gallaxy
Paper Boy Papers-Nostalgia
Paper Boy Papers-Sphere
Paper Boy Papers-Spot
Paper Boy Papers-Superstar
Paper Boy Papers-To The Moon
Paper Doll - Die Cut Felt Icons
Paper Doll - Ribbon
Paper Doll Cards for Cardmakers
Paper Doll Cardstock Border Stickers
Paper Doll Chipboard Accents
Paper Doll Heavyweight Chipboard-Alphabet
Paper Doll- Frame
Paper Doll-Collage
Paper Doll-Die-cut Cardstock
Paper Doll-Dotti
Paper Doll-Ephemera
Paper Doll-Jot
Paper Doll-Kit
Paper Doll-Nostalgic
Paper Doll-Patchwork
Paper Doll-Pozy
Paper Doll-Tokens
Party Time Cardstock stickers
Passion Fruit Flourish
Pauly-Poo 12x12 Canvas Bazzill Cardstock
PC - Quilled Stickers - Around the Fire
PC - Quilled Stickers - Balloons
PC - Quilled Stickers - Christmas Packages
PC - Quilled Stickers - Daisy Garden
PC - Quilled Stickers - Fire Works
PC - Quilled Stickers - Flavor Ice-Cream
PC - Quilled Stickers - Nursery
PC - Quilled Stickers - Red Hats and Bags
PC - Quilled Stickers - Snowflakes
PC - Quilled Stickers - Snowmen
PC - RB Adorable Boy - Epoxy Stickers
PC - RB Baby Boy - Paper Stickers
PC - RB Baby Girl - Paper Stickers
PC - RB Birthday - Epoxy Stickers
PC - RB Celebration - Paper Stickers
PC - RB Friends - Epoxy Stickers
PC - RB Girl friend - Paper Stickers
PC - RB Heart Accessories - Paper Stickers
PC - RB Love - Epoxy Stickers
PC - RB Memories - Epoxy Stickers
PC - RB Precious Girl - Epoxy Stickers
Pen - photo signature
Photo Op Cardstock Sticker
PI - Snip Its: America Borders - stickers (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: America Sampler - stickers (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: Baby Boy #2 Sampler - tidbits (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: Baby Girl #2 Sampler - tidbits (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: Camping Sampler - tidbits (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: Elements Sampler - stickers (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: Elements Sampler - tidbits (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: Family Ties Sampler - stickers (1 sheet)
PI - Snip Its: Family Ties Sampler - tidbits (1 sheet)
Pineapple Bliss 12x12 Smoothies Bazzill Cardstock
Pink Bubblegum
Piqua Catholic (Miami County, Ohio)
Piqua Indians (Miami county, Ohio)
Pop Dots
Pop Up Glue Dots
Pop Up Glue Dots (1/2in. dia. - 1/8in. thick - 72 on 6 sheets)
Prairie Chic
Prairie Chic 12x12 Chipboard
Prairie Chic Brads
Prairie Chic Buttons
Prairie Chic Collection Pack
Prairie Chic Dimensional Stickers
Prairie Chic Jewels
Prairie Chic Layered Chipboard
Prairie Chic Noteworthy
Prairie Chic Petals
Prairie Chic Rubons
Prairie Chic Stamps
Prairie Chic Trinkets
Premade Items
Punch- medium topper punch
Purple Twilight
Quick Quotes Double Page Layouts
Ranger Ink
Raven Canvas 12x12 Bazzill Cardstock
Raven Canvas 12x12 Bazzill Cardstock
Red Eye Pen
Red Pepper
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Ribbon Adhesive
Riverside Pirates (Logan County, Ohio)
Rob and Bob Cardstock Sticker - Mini Mono
Rocket Ship - Green Sparkle
Royal Coat Dimensional Majic
Rub-on Roller
Ruby Rock It
Russia Raiders (Shelby County, Ohio)
S Yellow Jackets - Sports Letter Chubby
Sailboat Blue
Saint Marys Roughriders (Auglaize County, Ohio)
SandS - Christmas Kids Stickers
SandS - Halloween Kids Stickers
Savvy Birthday
School Days Alphabet Sticker
School Days Chip Accents
School Days Inspiration Kit
School Days Paper Pack
School Days Shapes to Go
School Days Words to Go
Scissors-honey bee
Seasonal Series
Seremity dimensional stickers
Serenity Brads
Serenity buttons
Serenity Chipboard
Serenity Collection Pack
Serenity Jewels
Serenity layered chipboard
Serenity Noteworthy
Serenity rub-ons
Serenity Trinkets
Shadow Dot
Shadow Dot
Shape Studio / Flower 25
Shape Studio / Oval 25
Shape Studio / Pennant 25
Shape Studio / Round 14
Shape Studio / Round 25
Shape Studio / Scallop Circle 25
Shape Studio / Square 25
Shape Studio / Star 25
Shawnee Indians (Allen County, Ohio)
She's My Sister Cardstock Sticker
Sidney Paper Pack
Sidney Yellow Jackets
Sidney Yellow Jackets (Shelby County, Ohio)
Sidney Yellow Jackets - Duo 2-Line
Sidney Yellow Jackets Laser Cut Pack
Sidney Yellow Jackets School Spirit Gift Set
Silhouette Style Cutting Mat (12x12) by CGull
Snowfall Blizzard
Snowfall Cabin
Snowfall Chill
Snowfall Chipboard stickers
Snowfall Dimensional stickers
Snowfall Dot
Snowfall Drift
Snowfall Hot Chocolate
Snowfall Jewels
Snowfall Layered Chipboard stickers
Snowfall Stripe
Snowfall Trinkets
Snowfall Wintertime
Snowfall Words
Soccer Chipboard Album
Somewhere In Time
Somewhere In Time Beauty
Somewhere In Time Buttons
Somewhere In Time Chrononaut
Somewhere In Time Class Kit
Somewhere In Time Evening Mist
Somewhere In Time Imagination
Somewhere In Time Layered Chipboard Stickers
Somewhere In Time Noteworthy
Somewhere In Time Passage
Somewhere In Time Timeless
Spencerville Bearcats (Allen County, Ohio)
Spike - 2 in. x 6.75 in. Yellow
Stick and Spray
Stick Away
Sugar Dot
Sun Sisters
Sun Sisters
Sunset Orange
Super Dad Cardstock Sticker
Surprise! 12x12 Chipboard
Surprise! 6x6 Paper Pad
Surprise! Banners
Surprise! Birthday
Surprise! Brads
Surprise! Buttons
Surprise! Cake
Surprise! Combo Sticker
Surprise! Dimensional Stickers
Surprise! Dots
Surprise! Hooray
Surprise! Jewels
Surprise! Layered Chipboard
Surprise! Letterific Cardstock Sticker
Surprise! Mini Album
Surprise! Noteworthy
Surprise! Numbers
Surprise! Party Time Cardstock Sticker
Surprise! Pop
Surprise! Stripe
Surprise! Trinkets
Surprise! Twist
Surprise! You're Invited
Tags & String
Tangerine Blast 12x12 Smoothies Bazzill Cardstock
Tattered Angels
Teresa Collins
The Craft Collection Hook and Loop tabs
Tiger Head - Orange/Black
Tim Holtz
Tippecanoe Red Devils
Tools - paper piercer/sylus
Tropical Tangerine
Troy Christian (Miami County, Ohio)
Troy Trojans (Miami County, Ohio)
Trunk Bay
Tutu Dot
Tuxedo Brads
Tuxedo Jewels
UD Flyers - Sports Letter Double Chubby
Upper Valley CC (Miami County, Ohio)
Vandalia-Butler Aviators (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Versailles Tigers (Shelby County, Ohio)
Vintage Calendar Dividers
Vintage Note Paper
Vintage Photo
Vintage Weekly Contents
Volleyball - 5 inch - 2 pcs
Volleyball 2.75 in. x 5 in. Black
Volleyball Frame 5.5 in. x 6 in.
Wall Art Decor Adhesive
Walnut Stain
Wapakoneta Redskins (Auglaize County, Ohio)
Waynesfield-Goshen Tigers (Auglaize County, Ohio)
Welcome Home
Welcome Home Brads
Welcome Home Buttons
Welcome Home Chipboard
Welcome Home Collection Pack
Welcome Home Combo stickers
Welcome Home Dimesional stickers
Welcome Home Jewels
Welcome Home Layered chipboard
Welcome Home Rub-ons
Welcome Home Trinkets
What are Little Boys Made Of?
White Christmas Cardstock stickers
Wild Adventure Cardstock stickers
Wild Plum
Wildberry Bouquet
Wildcat Head - Black
Wildcat Head - Orange
Winter Plaid/Deep Brown Knit
Winterings 5 Things Pockets
Winterings 6" x 6" Paper Pad
Winterings Burlap Stickers
Winterings Chipboard Shapes with Foil Accents
Winterings clear cuts-Shapes
Winterings Favorite Pieces cardstock stickers
Winterings Fresh Verse Cardstock Stickers
Winterings Journaling Cards with Foil Accents
Winterings Paper Crafting Kit
Winterings Stripe/Dark Denim Brocade
Winterings Vellum Tape Stickers
Wintry Words/Worn Denim
Without a Map Cerdstock stickers
Xyron 150 - 1.5 Create a Sticker (1-1/2in. wide)
Xyron 150 Create a Sticker Permanent Refill (1-1/2in. x 20ft.)
Xyron 150 Create a Sticker Repositionable Refill (1-1/2in. x 20ft.)
XYRON Adhesive Eraser
XYRON Mini-X Dispenser
XYRON Permanent Adhesive Refill Cartridge
XYRON Tape Runner
XYRON Tape Runner refill
Zoo-rific Cardstock stickers
Zoology Brads
Zoology Buttons
Zoology Chipboard stickers
Zoology Combo stickers
Zoology Dimensional stickers
Zoology Jewels
Zoology Layered Cipboard stickers
Zoology Rub-ons
Zoology Safari Die cut
Zoology Trinkets